Faith Development and Bible Study

​Give Up Something Bad for Lent
​by James Moore
​                                        Sunday Morning Bible Study

Instead of giving up things like candy  that we can take up again after
Easter Sunday, Moore challenges us to something more:
  • Something that could become life changing for us. 
  • Something that could make us better people.
  • Something that we could continue after Easter Sunday.

What if we gave up one bad habit or attitude that is destructive???  
  • Think: jealousy, negative thinking, gossip,judging others, self-pity, selfishness, procrastination, etc.
  • These kinds of things we are all better of not doing. 
  • And others might benefit, too.

his study helps us with this challenge while preparing us
to fully embrace the good news of Easter, and as always includes digging into Scripture.
  • And of course, this is a place of dialogue
  • a place where you can ask questions, share your  thoughts, challenge
  • what you’ve heard before 
  • search for answers
  • and with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit sent to us by Jesus,
  • we can grow spiritually—become more of whose we are.

When/Where:  Sunday Mornings 10:45am in the Library off the front porch.

New to a Bible Study?  No worries.  We so love new searchers!  Ever heard
​it said that question for one is a question for all?  You're welcome to grab a coffee and snack from the Lounge and bring it in.

God Bless as he walks with you in your Lenten Journey,

The Faith Development Team:  Morey Anderson, Jeanette Bateman, 
​Mary Coburn, Claudia Karpinskas, Sandy Mazurek

Meets 1st Monday of each month
at the home of
Jeanette Bateman
1023 N. Blair, Royal Oak
Studying 1st & 2nd Thessalonians
Contact Connie Ewalt
Come join to share and learn!

10:00 - 11:30am in the Lounge
Leader and Prayer Warrior: Mary Coburn
Sharing in prayer and warm fellowship
in the Word.
How does this work?
The first half hour we dedicate to prayer.  
First we pray specifically by name for those for whom a prayer has been requested and then generally for the needs
of all God’s people.
Finally we offer praise and thanks to our God for all of His wonderful blessings.
Following prayer we move on to our Bible study as we seek
to know God’s word for us.
We invite you to join us in the lounge.
No RSVP needed.
Enter from the parking lot and walk across the porch to the Lounge on the south side of the building.
Questions: Call the office 248-548-3111
     This is a very welcoming group and we hope
to see you there.
 Come alone or with a friend!

Great Christian Reads​!!
Here are some recent reads we think you might enjoy
click here!

Ever wonder why the Holy Spirit isn’t talked about as much in churches as
our Savior Jesus and our Father?
Do you think that should be? 
Council doesn’t!

"Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit" - By Francis Chan 

Good Shepherd Council has committed to a study of
New York Time’s Bestseller:  
         " FORGOTTEN GOD"

    You know about the Holy Spirit, right?

    But do you have a relationship with Him? You should.

    Did you know you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit of God?

    Know why Jesus actually said it was to your benefit that He leaves?

    So He could send another like Him to be with you forever!

    What do we do with that information?

    All that abiding love of God is deep inside of you! Can you feel it?

    Want to be different today from what you were yesterday?

    Still making decisions on you own? 

    God’s abiding Spirit can guide you just for the asking.

    Did you know that He was sent to teach you about Jesus?

    Chan’s goal is draw you deeper into communion with the Spirit
              and greater experience His Power in your life

    His power to make you more of whose you are
              to make His Church (us) more than we are.

    Ever think of what it is that God wants to do with His Good Shepherd Church?

    What purpose does He have in mind for us?

    Think of what we’ve done on our own.

    Imagine what the God can do with us  through the power of the Holy Spirit​  IF we lean on Him
               and surrender ourselves to His will.

    What does God want of you? 

    What does God want of us, His Church?

    Still trying to figure that out?

                      We have copies of this work in the Library in the “Spirit” section at the back counter.

                                                       Check one may never be the same!